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The built world and the inner world are linked, and have the potential to touch us through the act of design. I’m interested in connecting designers and architects with new pathways and creative tools for bringing their creative instincts empathy, and architectural imagination into the world. My goal is to present a psychological view of the built world in order to help designers understand the wisdom of their dreams, shadows and body during the creative process. This in-depth approach allows us to experience the act of design as inseparable from enriching the self.


Andrew Levitt completed his undergraduate studies in Architecture at the Architectural Association in London and has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. After working as both an architect and Jungian orientated psychotherapist Andrew joined the University of Waterloo School of Architecture  where he teaches in both the graduate and undergraduate design studios. Andrew currently lives in Toronto with his wife, Wendy.

He is the author of The Inner Studio – A Designers Guide to the Resources of the Psyche published by Riverside Architectural Press in 2006.   

Andrew has taught and presented seminars at universities and conferences in Canada, the United States and Europe.

His most recent book, Listening to Design, will be published by Reaktion Books in the spring of 2018. The book is a journey into the profound way compassion empowers creativity and expands our capacity to solve problems.



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